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Man Faces Prison After Injuring A Father In 4th DWI Offense

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man who's been caught drinking and driving four times before is in jail Thursday night.

He's accused of causing a crash that hurt a father on his way home from work.

Darrin Hayes is in the hospital recovering from broken bones all over his body.

Wright County deputies say Brian Krautbauer's pickup slammed into Hayes' minivan in Monticello, Minn. Saturday night.

His boss, Paul Schoen got the text hours after Hayes got off work Saturday night as a supervisor at Aroplax Corporation, a plastics plant in Monticello.

"It said Darrin was in a severe accident. Nobody really knew how severe," Schoen said.

Hayes, a 42-year-old, father of three hit, was hit in a rural intersection on his way home.

"He's a dedicated family man, always there to give you a hand," Schoen said.

Wright County deputies on scene say Krautbauer's one ton pickup tried to turn left in front of Hayes when they collided.

Court documents noted severe injuries on Hayes.

It reads "his left femur was bent in a 90 degree angle and the bones in his left arm were visible."

Krautbauer's blood alcohol measured .237, nearly three times the legal limit.

On probation for a DWI from two years ago and driving on a canceled licensed, a judge had ordered Krautbauer to attend regular A.A. meetings and speak at Mothers Against Drunk Driving events.

Instead, he's been charged with his fourth drinking related offense dating back 30 years.

Mike Bryant will represent Hayes as this latest case against Krautbauer moves through the courts.

"It's just a horrible thing. It's the reason why you shouldn't drink and drive," Bryant said.

His client is in the hospital for weeks and likely be out of work for months, looking at a long road to recovery ahead.

"Yeah, probably a real long road," Schoen said.

Krautbauer remains in jail tonight.  He's facing three years in prison from this latest charge.

A fund has been set up at the Annandale State Bank to help Darrin Hayes and his family.

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