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Man Creates Web Site To Find Beer On Tap

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It's after 5 p.m. on a Friday, so some of you might be thinking about a beer.

If you're particular about your pints, we have a web site that you might be interested in. It'll tell you where to find your favorite beer on tap in the Twin Cities.

Matt Seedorf is a beer fan and he knows what he likes.

"I really don't like it when I don't get what I want," he said.

What he wanted was a one stop shop to find his favorite beer. As far as he could tell, that didn't exist.

"I thought of the idea for the web site and told a few of my friends about it. All of them, even if they didn't like beer, liked the idea. So I said 'Hey, do you want to give me some money?' They said "Absolutely not,'" Seedorf said.

So, Matt decided to keep track himself. He launched last August. Since then, he's added beer menus for more than 1,300 bars and restaurants around the Twin Cities.

"They all sound delicious, that's the great thing about it," Seedorf said.

So if you suddenly find yourself very thirsty, find a computer or go on your phone and pull up the web site. Type in your favorite beer, hit search and it tells you the nearest spot you can go to find that beer on tap.

We were partial to Flat Earth Angry Planet. The web site sent us to Adrian's Tavern, where the beer was actually swapped out for a new Flat Earth beer. But that's the way the web site works, by everyday people letting them know when the taps change.

Matt's still growing his company, but he'd love to see the site spread to other cities. He'd maybe even like to make some money out of this thing one day.

"If none of that works out, at least I know where to find my favorite beer in Minneapolis and St. Paul," Seedorf said.

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