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Man Asks For Help Finding Driver Who Struck, Injured His Wife

ROBBINSDALE, Minn. (WCCO) – A Robbinsdale man is asking for help from the community to find the driver that struck and injured his wife.

The hit-and-run accident happened early Saturday morning, around 3:30 a.m., at the corner of Lake Drive and Halifax Avenue.

"She loves dogs, she loves animals. She always volunteers," Matt Paulson said.

Matt Paulson and his wife, Katie, were searching for their dog, Titus, after a friend left the gate open.

Matt said Katie took a seat on the bench across from their home to post a missing dog report on social media.

He went inside for a moment, then, "we heard her scream. We go running over there and by that time that happened, she was laying on the ground. It's probably the worst feeling ever when you see your wife lying there," Matt Paulson said.

Neighbor Robert Ackerman called police.

"We didn't hear any car noises, so there were no screeching tires," Ackerman said

"Whatever happened, it happened really fast and they were gone," Matt Paulson said.

Katie has 12 staples in her head from the accident and underwent surgery on Saturday.

"Four broken bones in her leg, a bunch of broken bones in her foot, plate, there's a rod in her leg, some plates and some screws. And 12 weeks recovery time," Matt Paulson said.

There's a driving lane on Lake Drive near Halifax Avenue in Robbinsdale where Katie Paulson was hit, then a bike lane and the sidewalk.

"There's a lot of room from where you're supposed to be driving and where they ended up at," Matt Paulson said.

Titus wandered home while they were at the hospital. Matt Paulson hopes the person who struck his wife will come around too.

"Maybe the person is feeling guilty, or a family member knows about it, or a friend says, 'holy cow, you ran over somebody.' Maybe they didn't know they ran over somebody," Matt Paulson said. Robbinsdale police are investigating.

Matt Paulson said they found a side mirror and part of a front bumper in the grass. If you know of someone who is missing, or has damage to that part of their vehicle, call police.

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