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Man Accused Of Skinning, Baking Pet Cat With Onions

MONTICELLO, Minn. (WCCO) -- A Monticello, Minn. man with a history of drug abuse and mental illness skinned and baked his pet cat on Monday afternoon because "he wanted to try cooking it with onions," charges state.

Cody Alexander Mann, 28, has been taken into custody and now faces felony charges of cruelty and torture of an animal.

According to the criminal complaint, Mann's father contacted police after his son started making "strange comments." Additionally, the apartment manager called law enforcement to report a burning smell in Mann's apartment.

The responding deputy entered the apartment and found Mann inside, who quickly admitted to having killed his cat and putting it in the oven so that he could eat it.

The deputy found the cat's body inside the oven, and also found the cat's skin and entrails inside the freezer. Mann's bathtub was filled with what appeared to be blood and loose hair as well as a steak knife.

According to the complaint filed in Wright County, Mann observed he didn't understand what the problem was.

He was taken to Monticello Hospital for a mental evaluation before being taken to jail.

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