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Trial Begins For Lucifer Nguyen, Facing 4 Murder Charges

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A murder trial is scheduled to begin in Dakota County today.

The man facing charges is named Lucifer Nguyen. It happened last July - and it took authorities three days to find him.

This is slated to be a jury trial, which means Nguyen is putting the rest of his life in the hands of the people of Dakota County.

In October, a grand jury indicted Lucifer Nguyen on four murder charges. They were added to nine other charges against him, including assault, kidnapping and burglary.

Nguyen's alleged crime spree happened in July, after Mendota Heights police say he robbed a grandmother and later broke into a senior care facility. They say he later shot and killed 48-year-old Beverly Cory, while he was on the run.

She was simply working in an office building and had no prior connection to Nguyen. He is accused of stealing her car after shooting her in the head. That car was found ditched later that day. All of those details will be big pieces of evidence for the prosecution.

He could be sentenced to more than a 100 years in prison if convicted. Lucifer is his legal name -- he made the change more than 10 years ago.

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