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Long-Lost Photos Of Minnesota Couple Found In Illinois

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Long-lost photos of a Minnesota couple married for 77 years will soon be back in their hands.

A stranger discovered the pictures at a Goodwill store hundreds of miles away.

Kathi Sweeney Hill paid $1.88 for a used photo album for her daughter in Moline, Ill., and that's where the photos were.

A local T.V. station did a story on the pictures, and then posted a link on Facebook.

The grandson of Ervin and Verna Kaduce of St. Peter saw the story.

He has no idea how the pictures ended up so far away.

"We don't have any family right in the immediate Quad Cities area. So, I would imagine it's changed hands a couple of times. Hard to say exactly," Mike Kaduce, Ervin and Verna's grandson, said.

Many of the photos were from the couple's 65th wedding anniversary celebration 12 years ago.

Hill is happy she was able to help reunite the photos with their owners.

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