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Local Photographer Adapts To Social Distancing, Documents Families' New Way Of Life

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) --  A local photographer is using this time of social distancing to show how families are coming together.

"I'm definitely someone who gets something out of the people part of being a photographer," Dave Puente said.

Puente is used to looking at the world through a lens. He's been taking photographs professionally for over a decade.

"The camera is a great excuse to be like 'who are you' and 'what does your house look like," he said.

But Puente is staying outside of homes right now, amid the social distancing practices to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In a time when social isolation has put most photography business on hold, Puente is using his talent to capture families from a distance, and give them a breath of air.

"I wanted to give somebody something that they can hang on the wall and in a few years look back on it and in such a frantic and scary time see there was some silver lining to it," Puente said.

The porch portraits show more than just a photograph. They're stories of families sharing their struggles and successes, navigating their way through a new way of living.

Puente works from a good distance away, and then shares the images on his Instagram @davepuente.

One father captioned their family portrait: "We are grateful to be healthy and doing our part to be a blessing to others."

You may even recognize some famous faces in Puente's photos.

Above all they're families. When people on the other side of the lens see their story, they might feel just a little less alone.

"Whatever story you relate with, to see their story of hope is a silver lining in all of it... it's therapeutic for me and it's been that way... for so many people."

Puente isn't charging anything for these mini photo sessions. If you're interested in a porch portrait, click here to email Puente.

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