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Local Jeweler Offers Unique Antique Gifts

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- You've likely heard the saying "everything old is new again." One local jeweler likes to think of her work as Modern with a vintage twist.

All week the WCCO Morning Show will be featuring unique local gifts. Jamie Yuccas got to sit down with Susan Plunkett, the maker of L'donna Jewelry.

Not only is the company's jewelry unique, but so is how Plunkett got started. It all began with a family connection. In fact, Plunkett started the business so she could spend more time with her loved ones.

"I named the company after my mom and dad," Plunkett said. "The 'L' stands for my dad, Lyle, and Donna is my mom." "I started part-time and would make things for my friends when they'd say I want that and it grew from there."

Now the business has exploded into a full time gig, thanks in part because of those closest to her.

"I have countless business cards in my purse now because people always ask me who does them and how do I get ahold of her," Anita Plunkett, Susan's sister-in-law, said.

"I also carry business cards around with me, just because people are like, 'How can I contact her?'" Susan's niece, Emily Plunkett, said.

Each piece is unique and antique. Susan Plunkett searches for vintage items at stores near her cabin and when she travels. She sits for hours in her basement office, tinkering to make sure each necklace is just right.

Once finished, her customers can't get enough.

"I love finding outfits to go with her necklaces and it's an excuse to find more outfits," said Anita Plunkett, who actually owns 30 necklaces but is waiting for one to be named after her. That's because each piece connects back to family.

"I have an Allison, an Erin, I have a Katherine. They're all named after people who are important to me," Susan said.

Now she just hopes she can design jewelry your family will also fall in love with.

Prices start at $35 for earrings to up to $200 for some of the necklaces. If you want to incorporate jewelry from your own family, she can do that, too. If you want to check out more from L'donna jewelry, she also has a website.

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