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Local Artist's Unique Mark On Target Field

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Art on display at Target Field has helped catapult the career of a local artist.

Outside the stadium across from Gate 29, you'll find eight glass panels with thousands of names of Target Field donors on them.

"That was a landmark project for me," says Minneapolis glass artist Kerry Dikken.

Dikken calls his work "Blasted Art," which he describes as a very complicated process of painting and sandblasting the glass.

Since his pieces went on display at Target Field, Dikken contributed to the 35W Bridge Memorial and has completed other projects for clients.

The artist is now focused on his next endeavor; which he calls "animated glass." It's glass art that moves when the viewer moves. It's a style Dikken says no other artist is doing.

Dikken uses two pieces of glass. The back panel has multiple images spliced together on it. The front panel has vertical slits that reveal only one of the images on the back panel at a time.

"It's precise," says Dikken about the process of creating animated glass. "It took a long time to refine it."

His work has caught the attention of fashion design company Louis Vuitton, which recently flew Dikken out to New York to talk business. Louis Vuitton is interested in putting up Dikken's work inside its stores, but an official deal has not been reached.

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