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Local 9-Year-Old Shows Kids Can 'Bake' A Difference

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gracie Kermisch is unlike many kids. When most kids celebrate a birthday, they want presents. When Gracie Kermisch celebrated her birthday, she asked for presents for animals.

"Instead of getting presents, I wanted to give money to the [Animal] Humane Society when people come to my party," Gracie said.

"I was surprised and amazed that an 8-year-old kid would actually offer to forgo birthday presents in order to give money to an organization," Pam Kermisch, Gracie's mom, said.

It didn't stop at donations. The now 9-year-old wanted to  help out the Animal Humane Society herself too.

"I really wanted to help the Humane Society so then we thought what do dogs like best, treats," Gracie said.

Thus 'Kids Bake A Difference' was born.

Gracie and her mom made dog treats in their kitchen to sell at the Walk for the Animals fundraiser.  All of the proceeds benefit the AHS.

"3,160 dog treats," Pam said.  "A lot of work."

The treats come in two flavors: 'peamutt butter cookie' and 'barknana breadsticks' for $5 a pack. Gracie said she picked the final flavors after taste testing them on her own dogs, Sushi and Olive.

"We were going to do a pumpkin one, but it was out of season so maybe in the fall," she said.

Aside from baking, the third grader also loves to write.

Gracie says maybe her next business venture will be writing about animals, but that she'll never stop trying to find them good homes.

"We just want to make sure that it's a better environment for them," Gracie said.

"I'm incredibly proud of her," Pam said.  "The opportunity to see your own child take a leadership role in helping others and you follow them is pretty awesome."

Gracie says she hopes to expand Kids Bake a Difference by selling the treats at other events throughout the year.

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