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Sexual Assault Victim Speaks Out Against Little Canada Chiropractor

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota woman hopes she can add to the legal trouble for a chiropractor who raped a client.

Paul Thompson pleaded guilty to that attack on Monday. He faces four years in prison, but prosecutors think there are more victims.

One accuser has already spoken to investigators.

"I would go see him for adjustments," Gail Lalla said.

Lalla began seeing Dr. Paul Thompson for back problems after a car accident in the early '80s. He was a high school classmate of her husband's.

"He used to talk about his kids, his grandchildren, his wife, but the last couple times it was just all about sex," Lalla said.

The comments made Lalla and her husband uncomfortable. But Lalla said she continued to see Thompson because he was helping with her back.

Last October, she said he crossed the line.

"I was lying on the table getting adjusted and he went to take my hand behind me and he actually set my hand right on his crotch. And he just kind of looked at my husband, he looked at me. Paul looked at my husband and he just kind of took it off right away and I said, 'hey, now.' Then I was sitting in a chair and instead of moving me around with my shoulders, he grabbed my breasts and turned me around," Lalla said.  "We were both where we could hardly talk after the incident and we said that's it."

Lalla said she's speaking out now in hopes it will give other victims the strength to come forward.

"Somebody has got to begin the process, and it's already been started, and I don't want it to be ended without everybody who's involved coming forward," Lalla said.

A representative with the Ramsey County District Attorney's office said there are a couple of other cases under investigation.

Thompson can no longer practice. The Minnesota Board of Chiropractors suspended his license for 10 years.

He will be sentenced in October.

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