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Goodbye 'Running Man Challenge,' Hello #LipSyncChallenge!

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Apple Valley police have called it: the Running Man Challenge is played out.


It's time for a fresh viral sensation, and the department threw down the "Glee"-like gauntlet Tuesday when they posted the first Lip Sync Challenge video to YouTube.


The Tokens' 1961 classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is the tune to which sunglass-clad officers invoke the spirit of Milli Vanilli, using the city's Minnesota Zoo to their advantage.


No zoological expense is spared in this one, folks. Some departments may have bomb squads, K-9 officers or horse patrols -- but do they have boa constrictors, birds of prey and SLOTHS at their disposal? We think not.


This video has it all, including camel riding, loosely-choreographed dancing and some goat feeding for good measure. Heck, there's even an appearance from a certain crime-fighting dog.


Police Chief Jon Rechtzigel ends the video with a stern message to Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie and his department.

"Bring it on," Rechtzigel said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video has more than 5,300 views on YouTube.

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