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Lindsey Sheridan Charged With Stealing Thousands Of Dollars From Hastings Bank Where She Worked

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 34-year-old Hastings woman has been charged with two felony counts of theft for allegedly stealing around $10,000 from a bank where she worked.

According to a criminal complaint, in December a customer noticed fraudulent activity on her bank statement, and alerted a senior bank executive, who then told Hastings police officers.

Bank records showed that the fraudulent cash withdrawal was authorized by, "L.C.S.," or Lindsey Catherine Sheridan, a bank employee.

Later on the customer told police officers that Sheridan had called her, and "in a long phone conversation asked her not to press charges."

When management looked at other cash transactions they found similar transactions that were made without the signatures of customers.

Sheridan was fired from her job, and the bank's management says she was escorted out of the building. The criminal complaint says that after Sheridan had left, employees found a black jacket that she'd left behind, with 3 bank slips in the jacket's pockets, including $800 taken from a customer's account.

Hastings police say they have looked at video surveillance from the bank and found video of Sheridan taking the money.

In all, the bank says at least three customers had their money stolen in a total of 11 unauthorized cash withdrawals, between July 2019 and December 2019, amounting to around $10,000. The exact amount of money that was stolen is unknown.

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