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Lillian Moran, the oldest living Minnesotan, celebrates 112th birthday

Lillian Moran, the oldest living Minnesotan, turns 112
Lillian Moran, the oldest living Minnesotan, turns 112 00:50

MOORHEAD, Minn. -- The oldest living Minnesotan is celebrating another trip around the sun.

Lillian Moran recently turned 112 years old.

She grew up in Maddock, North Dakota, but now lives closer to family in Moorhead.

Her family says they were supposed to celebrate her birthday back in March, but she got COVID for a second time.

Lillian grew up on a farm and worked part-time at the general store -- known as a jack of all trades.  


"Her place was the center of attention. Every road grader that came by, the mailman that stopped in every day for coffee because they always knew she would have good baked goods." 

Lillian's family says she doesn't take any medications, and good genes seem to run in the family.

Her mother died just months shy of her 100th birthday, and her grandmother was 103.

Her secret to a long life: keep breathing. 

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