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Legal Issues Resolved, Marijuana Mom Moving To Colorado

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Days before a Minnesota mom was set to stand trial for giving her son medical marijuana, WCCO has learned the charges against her will be dismissed.

Angela Brown has agreed to a deal that says if she stays out of trouble for 90 days, the case is considered to be over. Last year, prosecutors charged her with child endangerment for giving her son marijuana to treat his pain.

"I don't know how to explain the emotions that I've had since I got these charges," Angela Brown said.

Her plight made news around the world, a mom in the spotlight for treating her son's persistent pain.

Last summer, Trey Brown told us how being hit with a baseball led to muscle spasms and seizures.

"It just hurts in my brain everywhere," Trey Brown said.

Until his mom brought him cannabis oil from Colorado.

Charged with Child Endangerment by the Lac qui Parle County Attorney, Angela Brown faced a year in jail and thousands in fines.  Trey Brown was expected to be called to testify against her at trial next week.

But, a deal will keep it from happening.

"Maybe the DA feels by dismissing it, the whole last year didn't happen, but it did and it devastated us," Angela Brown said.

The county attorney wouldn't comment to WCCO on what changed. But Brown's attorney had been asking to resolve the case in a low-key fashion to spare the small town more media attention.

The Browns starred in a pot documentary that premiered just last week.  Despite marijuana soon becoming legal for some patients in Minnesota, the Browns will be moving to Colorado. They're ready for a new life away from court and cameras.

If Brown pays $100 in court fees and doesn't repeat the offense for 90 days, the charges will be dismissed. The Browns believe moving to Colorado is the best option for them since cannabis oil is cheaper and will be more accessible for Trey.

If you want to help the family move to Colorado, you can visit their GoFundMe page.

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