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Last Minute Tips For Your Gift Wrapping

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Christmas is just a few days away now, and odds are pretty good you're either finished or nearly done with your shopping.

But once you have your presents, you still need to figure out how to wrap them.

Creative Kids Stuff's Happi Olson dropped into WCCO This Morning with a few creative solutions for last-minute gift wrapping.

First, she said, the best thing to do with easy-to-wrap gifts in standard size boxes is to measure out the length and width of the present using a piece of ribbon. That way you won't end up cutting off more wrapping paper than you need.

Also, make sure that you fold under any rough edges along the paper, so that they won't show on the outside, Olson suggested.

Don't just gloss over tightening up the paper's hold on the package inside. Make sure to spend the extra time to make the creases at the edges look sharp and clean.

A gift wrapped only in paper is a little bit like a piece of pie without whipped cream on top. Olson said that it's the embellishments that really set a well-wrapped gift apart from the pack. Be it in the form of ribbons, bows or foils, it's the extra added texture that makes a statement for the holidays.

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