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Hundreds Gather For 9/11 Memorial Concert At Lake Harriet

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Hundreds came together in solidarity Tuesday night at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It is an annual event to remember, reflect, give thanks and educate the next generation to never forget what happened on this fateful day 17 years ago.

It is a day that unites strangers and neighbors.

"We're all here together showing our love for the greatest country in the world," said an attendee named Alexis. "Friends, family, people who have lost people during that time."

It is also a night filled with music and reflection.

"All the policemen, all the firemen and all those people who work there and their families, I just come to tears, I can't, it's unbelievable," said attendee Susan Mahler.

Lake Harriet 911 Memorial Concert
(credit: CBS)

She brought her 8-year-old grandson, Milton.

"It's here, it's part of our life, it's part of our history, and they need to know," she said.

This is his grandson's first time learning of the day that changed our lives.

"It was actually kind of sad," Milton said.

The family of Gordy Aamoth Jr. feels the loss deeply. The Blake High School graduate who was working in the second tower on 9/11.

"Gordy's memorial will always be with us. I find myself looking at the clock on my watch almost every day at 9/11. It is as if something or someone moves me," said brother Erik Aamoth.

Organizers say they will continue to hold this special program year after year.

"Instead of just looking down, but look up, and let's try to find a way to bring a little bit of peace in the world, peace around us, come together," said organizer Joe Gardner.

We must not forget.

"These kind of things happen throughout history, and if we start forgetting this kind of thing, it's going to happen again, so let's remember," said attendee Mike Radford.


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