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How La Raza Minnesota is redefining Twin Cities radio

How La Raza is redefining Twin Cities radio
How La Raza is redefining Twin Cities radio 02:28

RICHFIELD, Minn. — For many, La Raza radio is the sound of the Twin Cities.

From a Richfield studio, on-air personality El Corre is doing everything he can to catch your attention. 

"I feel very happy to be able to bring joy in their day-by-day life," said El Corre through an interpreter.

It's the mission CEO Maya Santamaria set out to accomplish when she started La Raza in 2013. 

"We wanted to come in as the young blood and show, you know, kind of the fun, hip side. Radio like you were hearing either in Mexico or Latin America or maybe L.A.," Santamaria said. "I think the most rewarding thing has just been knowing that we're doing this every day for the community."

For 11 years, on three channels, and one purpose: Bring music, news and community to more than 200,000 Latinos in the Twin Cities.  

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El Corre WCCO

"We know that (our listeners) work hard," El Corre said. "Some start their days at 5 a.m., so for me to commute with them or be on the worksite, play good music, make some jokes, that gives their day more fun."

"They listen to us at work, on their radios, you know, in the kitchens, and while they're painting, while they're doing construction if they're roofing, from their cars when they're doing errands, picking up their kids," Santamaria said.

After their original home in Minneapolis burned down during the 2020 unrest, they moved into their new, state-of-the-art station in Richfield.

And their work is leading the way for other stations around the country, while also amplifying Latin voices locally. 

"The fact that we're able to enhance and project and promote what they're doing, and get the word out and be the voice in the community, it's like we're an extension of the great work that they're doing in the community," Santamaria said. 

You can hear La Raza on 95.7 FM, as well as on AM 1400 and 1470. The station also streams globally online.

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