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'You'll Get Through It': Boy Battles Cancer With Positivity, Wisdom

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Some kids are just wise beyond their years. This week's Kylie's Kid is definitely one of them.

When we first introduced you to Gus in late 2016, he was just 12, but had such an inspiring outlook on life -- something that has helped him through his fight with cancer.

To interview Gus, there had to be some sort of sport involved, because Gus is always moving.

"I like Soccer, and really any sports I can get my hands on," he said.

It's amazing because just a few hours earlier Gus was getting radiation treatments.

"It's bad, but it could be worse," he said.

Gus was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins lymphoma in May.

"We went to Florida for spring break and every single night I was having huge stomach cramps," he said. "It wouldn't go away. We'd walk, we ate -- it didn't do anything."

A few days in the hospital turned into a few weeks trying to figure out what was wrong.

"I didn't know how bad it was going to be, I didn't know how good it was going to be," Gus said. "I was a little scared."

Through all the treatments Gus was able to keep playing the sport he loves.

"I ended up playing in two games for the USA cup. It was really fun. I had a blast and I got a goal," he said. "I was really excited. My team was super excited, my coach was super excited."

The most impressive thing about Gus isn't the moves he has on the field, but his attitude.

"I've always tried to stay positive, at school, on the team," he said.

"To have a child who feels like he can do things, who makes meaning out of struggle, who looks for the good in everything is a real gift," his mother said.

It's an attitude and wisdom that's hard to miss -- on or off the field.

"Everyone comes through challenges in their life, but some people have bigger, harder ones and other people go through littler ones along the way," Gus said. "No matter what, you'll get through it all."

Things are going really well for Gus, he just had clear scans three weeks ago. He's doing well in school, playing trumpet and soccer and getting ready for the church musical.

The biggest highlight is that they are leaving for Gus's Make a Wish trip to Hawaii on Jan. 7 where they'll take surf lessons, a zip lining tour and a visit to Pearl Harbor.


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