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Kroll: Union Not Behind 'Slowdown' On North Side

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The head of the Minneapolis Police union is denying that his organization is behind a drop in arrests and stops in the city's 4th Precinct.

President of the Minneapolis Police Federation Lieutenant Bob Kroll was a guest of WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman Monday. He said if there's a coordinated effort to pull back on police stops and arrests, it would be news to him.

"I'm not aware of any coordination. That doesn't mean that officers don't go to coffee after roll call." Kroll said, suggesting that officers are perfectly capable of making those decisions on their own.

Kroll says some officers on the North Side are feeling extra strain in the wake of the Jamar Clark shooting and decision not to charge the two officers involved. He says officers may feel some stops or other actions may not be worth it if they feel like no one will defend them.


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