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Kiss Cam Video Of MN Brother, Sister Goes Viral

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Go to a game, and you'll see a Kiss Cam. We've even seen President Obama and Tom Hanks on the big screen, but few Kiss Cams have gotten as much attention as this one.

"The Kiss Cam is universal," said Adam Martin, "and the simple sign to differentiate a girlfriend from a sister is priceless."

Martin was in the video, along with his sister Maria. He's a lifelong Gopher fan, and a bit of a planner, so he actually thought about the Kiss Cam when he took Maria to Friday's Gophers-Michigan hockey game.

"Bringing her to the game on Valentine's Day," he said, "the perception whether at the game or before it is that we'd look like we were on a date, so I wanted to make sure that there was a clean line, a sibling line between the two of us."

So, he made a sign, with an arrow and the words "My sister," just in case.

Adam relived the moment Tuesday with Deven Pacheco from the Gopher Marketing Department, who was on headsets when they set up the shot.

"We had a great shot lined up," he said, "and then he pulls out this sign, and we died laughing."

Since then, so has everybody else. The university posted it on YouTube Monday afternoon, and it blew up overnight.

"There's newspapers in the UK," said Pacheco, "South Korea's got stuff, and Russia as well."

And what about Maria, who's already back home in New York City?

"You thought I was kind of a dork for having (the sign) before the game," Adam said to her over the phone.

"I thought you were being an embarrassing older brother," she laughed, and then she laughed some more.

The video was seen by just under one million viewers in the first 24 hours. And Adam, who has season tickets, said he's hoping to have a real date the next time he goes to a game.

Guy Pulls Out Sign on Gophers Kiss Cam by Minnesota Gophers on YouTube
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