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Kids Attempt To Set World Record For Coldest Hockey Game Ever Played

ROCHESTER, Minn. (CBS Local) -- About 20 kids in Minnesota got up early Thursday to take advantage of the polar vortex and attempt to break the world record for the coldest hockey game ever played.

The players and their parents bundled up and gathered at about 5 a.m. at an ice rink in northwest Rochester, CBS affiliate KIMT reported.

With temperatures about 30 below, before wind chill, they only played three one-minute periods.

Mindy Burman hosted the event in her backyard.

"They're making some awesome memories. They'll never forget they came out on the coldest day in Minnesota to play hockey instead of just sitting in front of a screen playing video games or watching TV," she said.

The application to set the world record is already in, according to Andy Cousin, one of the event organizers.

There is no current record to break, since nothing like this exists in the Guinness Book of World Records database. The kids are simply trying to set a brand new record. The review process takes about 12-15 weeks.

Despite the brutally cold temperatures, a few of the kids said he'd do it again.

"I'll do anything for hockey," Aiden Anderson, one of the hockey players, said.

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