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"Just a darling little girl": Elle Ragin still missing as search continues

Search continues for missing Northfield child
Search continues for missing Northfield child 01:32

NORTHFIELD, Minn. -- Northfield Police along with state investigators continue looking for missing six-year-old Elle Ragin.

She is about three feet six inches tall with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

Police found her mother's body Saturday morning inside their Northfield apartment. Investigators believe she died by suicide.

Investigators are attempting to piece together a timeline they hope can lead them to where Elle's mom, Lisa Wade, was in the past two weeks.

What they do know is no one had seen Elle or her mom since then and they believe the six-year-old could be in danger.

"I don't think they were searching today, "said Mary Lou Wallaker.

Mary Lou Wallaker noticed how quiet her block is on Monday. No kids riding scooters or bicycles since news of what happened next door to her spread throughout the neighborhood.

Police found the body of Elle Ragin's mother, Lisa Wade, inside her townhome after a relative called and requested a welfare check on the single mother.

"I didn't get to know her personally at all I would wave at her at all but I never got to know her personally, " Wallaker said.

 Wallaker says Wade's daughter was very friendly.

"Her little Elle was just an absolute darling just a darling little girl," Wallaker said.

And loved the sight of her dog.

"Elle was so interested in the dogs so she would sort of look into the back windows and see if she could see them and if I'd see her I would speak to her and she would always say hello," said Wallaker.

Wallaker says seeing search crews, drones and canines combing through cornfields - looking for the child behind her home - is unsettling.

"I'm very concerned. I just pray that maybe her Mom sent her somewhere or maybe she is visiting somebody. We all feel terrible about it," said Wallaker.

Investigators are looking to speak with anyone who may have seen Elle or her mom in the past two weeks - that's about how long its been since Wallaker laid eyes on her neighbor.

"I just hope she is okay somewhere she is just a beautiful little girl," Wallaker said.

Northfield Police are not saying much about this case today.

We do know there was no organized search for Elle today - but we're told that does not mean investigators are not working to find her.

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