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Jeffery Trevino's Trial For Wife's Death Starts Monday

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Nearly seven months after Kira Steger was first reported missing, her husband Jeffery Trevino will stand trial for her murder.

"It's been real tough over the last several months," Kira's father, Jay Steger, said. "We're kind of anxious to get justice for Kira."

The trial was delayed twice at the request of the defense -- something her father says was frustrating.

"We just want to get it over with and make sure that justice prevails," he said.

Criminal Law attorney Joe Tamburino said without a witness, the prosecution will have to prove there's enough circumstantial evidence that points to Trevino as the murderer.

"What they have is a strong circumstantial evidence case," Tamburino said.

Kira Steger's blood found in the couple's home, her alleged attempts to leave her husband and her abandoned car left at the Mall of America will all be talking points.

"From the defense side, however, it's a circumstantial case so they might say, 'Look, it wasn't me. Prove it,'" Tamburino said.

Trevino's attorney told the Star Tribune evidence he's looked at contradicts what investigators concluded from inside their home.

"That means the crime scene's gotta be somewhere else and if it's somewhere else, that helps Mr. Trevino because then his house wasn't the location of the scene," Tamburino said.

Tamburino said the jury selection could be key in how the case will go.

"If they ask questions about how would you evaluate the defendant not testifying, well then you're going to be pretty sure the defendant is not going to testify so a lot will come out about their plans for trial through jury questioning," he said.

While Steger's family wants justice, even a guilty verdict can't replace their loss.

"All I know is whatever it is, it ain't enough," Jay Steger said.

Calls made to Trevino's defense attorney weren't answered on Sunday. Trevino remains behind bars.


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