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Jamar Clark's Family Calls For Peaceful Protest, Justice

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Jamar Clark's family says Wednesday night they want closure and justice.

As Black Lives Matter supporters chanted outside the Fourth Precinct in a tense night of protest, Eddie Sutton -- Clark's brother -- said they will hold their ground.

"This is what this is all about, you know," Sutton said. "Standing for what you believe in."

The family wants the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to release the videos they are reviewing of the shooting that killed Clark.

At a press conference earlier Wednesday, Javille Burns -- Clark's sister -- said her brother was loved in the community. She called him the type of person who would lend a stranger the shirt off his back.

"Everything that happened to him, he did not deserve," Burns said. "Just like your brother or your cousin or your son does not deserve to be shot down in the street like an animal."

Clark's family says he was non-violent.

"I do want peace because guess what? He was a peaceful person, despite what the people are saying about my brother," Burns said.

It was that same peace the family called for as tensions grew outside the Fourth Precinct into the night. The family says they are grateful for the community support.

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