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Meet Jalen Suggs: Minnehaha Academy's Freshman Superstar

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- He has one of the biggest upsides we've seen for a high school athlete in quite some time.

He is Jalen Suggs, who is just a freshman at Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis. And he's turning heads for his play in a couple different sports.

Watch Suggs practice and you can see he's comfortable, and confident, and at home.

"I've been playing ever since I can remember," Suggs said. "I've always had a ball in my hand. It's just a place I can come to just blow off steam, just have fun, and you know, just really my happy place."

Watch him as a freshman quarterback on the varsity team and you see much the same -- it's his playground.

"I can run out the pocket, I can stay in the pocket and make throws," he said. "Whatever offense the offensive coordinator wants to run."

Jalen Suggs
Jalen Suggs (credit: CBS)

This appears to be one of those rare comets that comes through; ahead of himself in years, comfortable on a big stage because he has talents.

"He's a great shooter, great defender, he's super fast and he can jump," said Coach Lance Johnson. "So that basically covers just about everything [laughs!]"

Suggs seems to be able to do whatever his team needs on that night to change a game.

"Whenever we haven't scored a bucket in a while, or when people aren't hitting shots, you know, I try to get a bucket, get a steal, get a rebound, get a block – anything I can really do to energize my team and get them back on track," Suggs said.

A little bit like on the football field; he can do a lot, and keep teammates involved.

"I love athletics, I love all sports, so football's one of my favorites, too," he said. "I like quarterback … and wide receiver."

This is not a secret. The summer programs have showcased his skills, and the major colleges are already making offers.

"There's got to be at least 10 to 15 schools right now, and they're upper-tier schools," Johnson said. "Iowa, Iowa State, University of Minnesota of course. The list kind of goes on and on."

He is part of a talented freshman basketball class at Minnehaha; one that has literally grown up together.

"We all grew up in the same area, always go to the park and always come over to my house, spend the night at each other's houses every weekend in the summer," Suggs said. "We've really forged a tight bond, and you know, that really helps on a basketball court. We communicate well."

And they hope that team is on to something special. You always have a chance with Suggs because this kid has skills, and this kid loves to compete.

"Wanting to win, it don't matter if it's a board game, basketball, you know, whatever I'm doing I want to be the best at it," Suggs said.

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