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Jake Patterson's Father To CNN: 'All I Care About Right Now Is Jayme's Family'

(CNN) -- CNN's Jean Casarez reports that Jake Patterson's father arrived at the Barron County Justice Center on Tuesday afternoon, saying he wanted to pass along a note to the Closs family.

In what's believed to be the first public comment made by Patrick Patterson since his son's arrest, Patterson was on the verge of tears as he spoke with CNN at the Justice Center, shaking with emotion. He looked directly into the eyes of CNN's Jean Casarez and Jennifer Goelz, apologizing for not being able to speak for longer saying, "I'm sorry, I can't talk," several times.

Patterson did share with CNN, however, why he was at the Justice Center: "All I care about right now is Jayme's family. I want to get them a note."

Patterson was greeted by a deputy after speaking briefly with CNN, and escorted from the public area.

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