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Jacob Wetterling's Hometown Reacts To New Developments

ST. JOSEPH, Minn. (WCCO) -- For many Minnesotans you cannot talk about St. Joseph without thinking of Jacob Wetterling.

His disappearance has had an incredible impact on this community and Saturday was an emotional day in the city of nearly 7000.

Kay's Kitchen always plays host to the Saturday morning rush and on this Saturday one topic dominated the breakfast conversation.

"Everything I've read and heard about the Wetterlings, they've never given up that hope and I think that's a powerful thing," said John Faber.

A major development in the Jacob Wetterling case came to light bringing a potential resolution to a nearly 27-year-old mystery.

"At least it's a closure to something, to say, 'OK, we've got the culprit, we found the remains. It gives it some closure," said Karen Mapes.

No place has felt the loss quite like Jacob's hometown of St. Joseph.

"Saint Joe was a safe place to be. It was just a good wholesome small town," said Mapes. "All of the innocence was ripped out in 10 minutes."

Over the years this community has shared the emotion during every development in the case. Saturday was no different.

"I think that they deserve to know what happened, they deserve to have closure and they deserve to have Jacob at rest," said Laura Beeth.

If anything, that unwavering show of support was even more apparent.

White ribbons that symbolized hope during the search for Jacob have made a return.

"So I wanted to hang some up on our building with a little yellow J on some of them for Jacob, signifying that he's found," said business owner Jon Petters.

Now the mark of a community who held out hope to the very end.

"We all care about him and continue to love the family," Petters said.


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