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'I Was Basically In Tears': Minnesota Health Care Workers Get Big Show Of Support On Christmas Morning

EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) -- An act of kindness on Christmas day will likely stick with a group of health care workers well into the new year.

Nurses and other staff arrived at M Health Fairview Southdale to find a group of people cheering and holding signs of support. Now, nurses Jenesa Troidl and Riam Webb want a chance to return the favor.

"They were just yelling, 'Yay! Thank you for all you do! We're so grateful,'" Webb said.

The group held signs and greeted everyone coming and going from M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital around the 7 a.m. shift change.

The kindness was overwhelming.

"I mean I was basically in tears because it was just so unexpected," Troidl said.

They say colleagues talked about the greeting all day.

"One nurse said it's going to be such a good day, we're going to have a great day no matter what happens," Webb said.

On a holiday, in a year where many healthcare workers are tired and feeling defeated, the act of kindness is what the doctor ordered.

"To know that somebody else took the time to give back to us was just amazing," Webb said.

"It felt like people were there saying, we recognize you, we see you, we know how hard you're working," Troidl said.

Troidl said a quick thank you that morning, but wanted a chance to let the strangers know how meaningful this was.

So she posted a message to Nextdoor to try to find them, and say thanks.

"After you're feeling all these feelings of joy and gratitude and just being so thankful that they did that. I wanted them to know what they did for us," Troidl said.

The nurses say they know they may not be able to thank the group personally. They hope they see this story to know how grateful they are.

If you know anyone in the group, email Jennifer Mayerle at

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