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Report: ISIS-Affiliated Hacker Group Posts 'Kill List' Of Minn. Cops

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesota police officers are the target of a so-called ISIS "kill list."

The FBI is investigating how the personal information of 36 officers was posted online.

The agencies affected are statewide, and we are learning how the information got into the wrong hands.

ISIS hackers claim responsibility for releasing this list of Minnesota police officers. The so-called "kill list" includes the name, email, address and phone number for dozens of officers across the state. The leading anti-terror monitoring group, Memri JTTM, provided the list to us tonight.

"It is troubling to have that type of information online for the public to see," FBI spokesperson Kyle Loven said.

The FBI is investigating how the hackers got the information and the motive behind releasing it. Officer safety is at the forefront.

"We're not going to look into whether or not this is a legitimate threat or an illegitimate threat," Loven said. "We're going to take it and move forward with respect to what it is that we have to do in addressing this matter."

An email from the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association that WCCO obtained may shed light on what the officers have in common.

It let its members know their site had been hacked. And, according to the email, the FBI told the organization hackers captured the names and personal data of members who had requested a quote for auto insurance.

The FBI wants to make sure those named have a heightened state of awareness.

"In case there would be someone who unfortunately would be inspired by this type of information being available," Loven said.

Minnesota has been known as a hot-bed for terror recruitment. Loven said that is something the FBI takes into consideration.

"We know we have a unique situation where we've had several young people who have left the state in order to join terrorist organizations," Loven said. "It's something that factors into our calculus as we go about our business."

The FBI reached out to all of the agencies who have an officer named. Four of the officers are with St. Paul Police, while another is a retired officer from that department.

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