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Intergenerational yoga helps kids, elders get physically fit together

Intergenerational yoga offers fitness for kids, elders
Intergenerational yoga offers fitness for kids, elders 03:28

WOODBURY, Minn. -- Intergenerational yoga is a new experience for Jennifer West and her grandson, 4-year-old Bryce.

They're taking a class together at the Woodbury YMCA, which caters to all yoga enthusiasts, young and old.

West hadn't done yoga before, but decided to take the class because she couldn't say no to her grandson's little face.

"It teaches them to listen, to pay attention and to interact with older people," she explained.

But the benefits of intergenerational yoga aren't just for the younger students. 

"It also has our older generation come in and feel young again and volunteer and we love that," said Kelly Monson, Vice President of Child Development & Learning for YMCA of the North.


Both generations get physically fit through animal poses, along with stretching and breathing. The mental and emotional benefits may be even larger.

With her stuffed puppy at her side, 5-and-a-half-year-old Harper demonstrated one of the kids' favorite yoga poses, the flamingo.

"Anyone who is having a bad day, they could just go and watch this class and their day would turn around," said Monson.

Bryce is having a memorable day. A chance to bond one-on-one with Grandma, have some animal crackers, and roar loudly like a lion with her.

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