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Ice Rinks Open In Edina, Eden Prairie

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Have your own ice skates? You can now lace up and go skating in a couple areas around the metro.

Rinks opened up in Edina earlier this week.

This year, there are 12 neighborhood rinks, each with a hockey rink and a skating rink. There are also two additional pop-up rinks in Wooddale and Yancey parks.

"Just to allow people to go to their own neighborhood rather than traveling across town, we're trying to create a more local neighborhood feel to the rinks this year because of COVID," said Tom Swenson with Edina Parks and Recreation. "Many people, especially this year just want to get outside, and skating is so much fun at any age, it's just a fun activity."

There are some changes due to COVID this year; skate rentals are not available at this point, and warming houses will not be open due to COVID guidance.

"You have to remember to dress for the weather because you will not be able to go inside and warm up at this time," said Swenson.

However, restrooms will be available and there will be benches set out to help people put their skates on outside.

"We have 14 staff members. They've been working at four in the morning putting out water whenever the weather permits, up to seven days a week," added Swenson. "So we're putting up a gigantic effort to make the ice rinks as good as they can possibly be."

Click here to learn more about rink hours.

Eden Prairie opened their rinks on Friday, and Minneapolis says they will open their 39 rinks as soon as ice conditions allow.

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