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Hurricane Ida: How To Pitch In With The Relief Effort

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Rescue crews are searching for survivors after the wrath of Hurricane Ida wiped out part of the Louisiana coast.

About one million homes and businesses without power, including the entire city of New Orleans.

Hundreds of locals are already en route to help. And soon, they will need more help from Minnesotans.

For all of us, the images are upsetting. But for Michael Porter, the images are triggering.

"It's something that I go through therapy for, you know, to help keep my sanity," Porter said. "Every time I hear thunder or any type of rain, I still have these memories."

A Mississippi native turned Minnesotan, he survived Katrina. Two of his family members did not.

"It's hurtful ... seeing all, you know, the bodies, no electricity, the screaming," Porter said.

As he watches the pain now unfold with Ida, he remembers the strength.

"We looked out for each other, we made sure each other ate, and we just continue to strive to get better," Porter said.

Hurricane Relief NECHAMA
(credit: NECHAMA)

And from the other end of the Mississippi, help is on the way. The Red Cross has 21 Minnesotans on the ground. Xcel Energy sent 240 contractors to help restore power. And NECHAMA, the local Jewish response disaster team, is accepting volunteers 14 and up to deploy to clean and salvage homes.

Porter just sent care packages of his own, and hopes deeply that others will care, too.

"This is very important," he said. "We don't want to repeat history, we want to make a better history."

Here are ways you can help right away:

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