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Hudson Officer Resigns After Sex Scandal

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Newly-released documents explain the unusual reasons a Wisconsin police officer was asked to resign.

The decorated officer admitted he had sex 98 times while using job resources, and spent around half his work shifts making personal phone calls to three different women.

John Worden was with the Hudson Police Department from 2008 until this past May, earning $63,000 a year.

An internal investigation found he was doing other things on the taxpayer's dime.

John Worden
John Worden (credit: Hudson Police)

Twenty-four men and women patrol the picturesque border town of Hudson. As of late, they have been down an officer short.

And newly-released documents explain why.

A woman made a complaint on April 15 about Officer Worden, saying she had sex with him while he was on duty around 100 different times.

She stated that when she found out Worden was engaged and broke things off, he began harassing her.

"I fear you have a sexual predator in your company, with a badge and a gun," said the women in a letter to Hudson's police chief.

Worden was placed on leave the day the complaint was received, according to Chief Marty Jensen.

An internal investigation unfolded for the next month. Worden's supervisor says he eventually admitted to spending four to six hours a day texting and talking with three women, one he had sex with around 100 times during his shifts, and often in his squad car.

Investigation documents released to WCCO say Worden said he "never took his boots or his vest off during meetings with [the woman] so he would be better prepared to an emergency call if needed."

When WCCO contacted Worden for comment, he asked us not to air his story.

"There's nothing newsworthy about this! I have resigned, there's no wrongdoing on the city's or my part, and I'm done," Worden said. "So it's not worthy. The cities don't care about me. I don't live in the Twin Cities. I'm trying to work and raise my family under the cloud of this."

Worden's internal review shows that he falsified daily logs 146 times, engaged in lewd behavior, conducted excessive personal business while at work and lied to his supervisor.

After investigating, Worden's supervisor says these are just a few of the rules he broke. Chief Jensen says he asked Worden to resign, which he did.

After admitting to several of the allegations in his interview with his supervisor, Worden said he had acted selfishly and stupidly, and that he has gone back to church, joined a men's support group and he is getting counseling.

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