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How Would You Like COVID-19 Test Results In Minutes, Instead Of Days?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As more people get tested for COVID-19, there's a clinic in the Twin Cities offering quicker results.

The Urgency Room saw long lines of vehicles in its parking lot Friday. That's because it's returning results in under 20 minutes.

Kristina Collins was near the front of a long string of vehicles. Looking to be among the first to get a rapid COVID-19 test outside the Urgency Room's Woodbury clinic.

"I had a friend test positive yesterday who I had been in contact with over the weekend," Collins said.

So after getting sampled with a nasal swab, she'd get her results in minutes, not days.

"I figured that it would be much better than having to wait two to four days and not be able to see my family and friends and infect them so better I know now," Collins said.

But Abbott Lab's "ID Now" test is not without some controversy. A month ago, the FDA issued an alert over its accuracy.

Dr. Michael Osterholm says patients should understand that there's a chance for getting a false negative result.

"It's very likely we will have people who are infected who think they're not and who will go about their daily lives transmitting the virus," Osterholm said.

Abbott says further studies show accuracy rates of 94 to 98% and is best when performed close to when COVID-19 symptoms first appear.

The Urgency Room says patients like Kristina are told the possibilities of false negatives. Adding that if conditions worsen, they need to return for further testing.

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