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How To Shed Pounds Before Spring Break

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Spring break is right around the corner, with all the nice weather, sunny beaches and warm waters that go along with it. Unfortunately, there's also some accompanying pressure to trim down after spending winter under so many layers.

Because spring break is almost here, you won't be able to drastically change the way you look, but WCCO spoke with a registered dietician about some changes you can make starting today that will make a difference.

Registered dietician Christina Meyer-Jax said many times, people try to lose weight in unhealthy ways and end up getting sick.

Meyer-Jax's first tip is to go for volume. In other words, if you feel full, you won't grab the candy bar. Eat nutrient-dense foods like vegetables and lean protein to avoid unhealthy snacking.

Meyer-Jax also recommended opting for soups, which have the nutrients to make you feel full, and you're doing it with less calories. High-fiber, high-nutrient soups are best.

One potentially surprising food option recommended by Meyer-Jax: the avocado. Though they are higher in fat, it's monounsaturated fat, which is good for blood cholesterol levels.

Cut up fruit is a good option, and so are grab-and-go items like whole food bars that won't leave you stuck looking for candy.

Meyer-Jax said one of the biggest things you can do is to reduce your intake of wheat and grain-based carbs. Another way to cut down your wheat carbs is to just eat the bottom slice of bread in a sandwich.

Or if you are at a bagel shop, request a "skinny" bagel where the cut out the center. That cuts out about a third of the calories.

A few other things recommended by Meyer-Jax include a "slim" bagel, which you can now get at some stores and which will reduce your grain-based carbohydrate intake, as well as cottage cheese, which is a great high-protein option.

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