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How to make your Christmas tree last the whole holiday season

How can we make our Christmas trees last through the whole holiday season?
How can we make our Christmas trees last through the whole holiday season? 02:40

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn.  — From the sales to the decorations, it seems the holiday season gets longer every year.

That has some families itching to put up their Christmas trees earlier, too. So how can you make your tree last through the holidays?

"We get new shipments every week so these were probably cut a week ago, maybe two tops," said Jake Nelson of B & J Evergreen.

B & J Evergreen says most trees last four to six weeks, with Fraser Firs lasting the longest.  

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"You should be able to run your fingers through and you shouldn't have a bunch of needles coming off into your hand," Nelson said.

A  fresh cut will help it absorb water as soon as you get home.

"We'll give you that inch off the bottom, we'll cut it for you and then get it in the water as soon as possible," he said.  


The placement of your tree can also make a difference. Consider running a humidifier and putting it in a cool location away from direct sunlight.

"You don't want it near any heat sources such as a fireplace or right next to a furnace register or heater because that will dry it out," said Jill Sidebottom, seasonal spokesperson of the National Christmas Tree Association.

The National Christmas Tree Association also says avoid these common myths: cutting it an angle, drilling holes, adding things to the water and removing bark.

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"The additives, some of them actually can cause them to lose needles according to independent studies conducted at universities," Sidebottom said.

All it needs is a fresh cut, and water. As for when it's time for it go, well, you'll know.

"Once it starts dropping needles like crazy that's a good indication it's time to get it out before we're sweeping it out," said Tom MacNabb of Minneapolis.

More than 20 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United States every year.

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