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How To Be Prepared For Nighttime Tornadoes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- At least one person died, and dozens more were hurt, when tornadoes carved a path through Ohio and Indiana.

Neighbors there are being warned to stay in their homes because of the potential danger from fallen trees, downed power lines and utility poles that are blocking the roads. The storm swept through at night, when many people don't hear the warnings.

Severe storms are scary in any situation, but nighttime tornadoes lead to a different sense of insecurity. Studies have shown that nighttime tornadoes can be more dangerous due to the lack of awareness from these storms.

They can only be seen when lightning flashes, or from power flashes when they hit transmitters, which means they are already on the the ground.

This is why it is important for everyone to have a warning system in their bedroom, a cellphone equipped to alert you to tornado warnings, or even better a weather radio. Also a pair of shoes nearby to slip on with a flashlight to help lead you to your safe place.

This type of weather threat is why the WCCO is teaming up with the National Weather Service to help you be ready for the storm. NOAA weather radios can alert you to trouble, especially when you're asleep or away at the cabin where cellphone service isn't great. They cost $35, and you can get them at any Hy-Vee through next month.

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