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How Minnesota's Historic Bonding Bill Aims To Create Affordable Housing

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The passing of the largest bonding bill in Minnesota history includes money for affordable housing.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan spoke about the bill's impact; it will help some of the most vulnerable, including the homeless.

"We got $116 million for housing this year that passed and over the course of the last two years. That's $176 million total so what that means is that there are projects all across the state for either new builds or rehabs to make sure we have access to this affordable housing, " said Flanagan.

Flanagan said the funding will help house the homeless and make way for affordable housing that is desperately needed.

"In the Black community we have an incredible need our homeownership. Rates are lower and also for people experiencing homelessness and for our relatives who are sleeping outside. That's in my community and that's in your community and having more investments will make a difference, " Flanagan said.

Flanagan said this is a very important step but by no way near the investment needed to solve all the housing needs across the state.

She does say this bonding bill will create jobs, opportunities she hopes will begin to erase disparities that separate us as Minnesotans.

"One of the best pieces about the bonding bill we talked about those dollars for equity for projects but also we have equity in bonding policy language too that will require the hiring of people of color, indigenous folks and women on these projects percentages relative to the population in each one of the areas where these projects are occurring, " said Flanagan.


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