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How Does Minnesota Cold Stack Up Against Other States?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- This weekend, fans from all over the country will visit Minnesota for the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships. For some, it will be the coldest temperatures they have ever felt.

So where does Minnesota stand in terms of the coldest places in the U.S.? Well, no surprise, Alaska beats everyone -- by a lot. The state's average annual temp is 26 degrees, while Minnesota's is 40.1.

"Alaska's in their own category for cold," said Pete Boulay, assistant state climatologist with the Minnesota State Climatology Office. "They know cold."

But after that, Boulay says it's all pretty close. MinnPost ran the NOAA averages going back to 1901. North Dakota is 39.7. Minnesota and Maine are tied with 40.1. After that comes Wyoming, Montana, Vermont and Wisconsin.

Winter Biker
(credit: CBS)

"But if you look at what really matters, January temperature, we are basically in a tie with North Dakota," Boulay said.

If you look at records in each state, Prospect Creek in Alaska hit minus 80 back in 1971. There was a minus 70 in Montana in 1954. Wyoming had a minus 63 day, and Colorado had a minus 61 reading.

"We don't have mountains in Minnesota," Boulay said.

Idaho, North Dakota and Minnesota all tie at minus 60 below.

Records show that back in 1979, it did hit 12 degrees in Hawaii.

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