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Hiawatha Headaches Continue For 3rd Day

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- For the third day now, commuters in south Minneapolis are coping with the extra headache of getting around a closed section of Hiawatha Avenue.

The Hiawatha light rail line is also not running in that part of town because of a closed pedestrian bridge.

Officials say they continue to work to secure the bridge and have installed two sets of the four support structures that need to be put in place.

They estimate the remaining supports will be in place in the next day or two. Once all four are ready, they say they can begin work to release the tension from a second set of cables that were also compromised.

Rail service remains suspended at three stations around the Martin Olav Sabo pedestrian bridge, where a cable snapped Sunday.

Minneapolis city engineers are now working with the bridge's original designers to come up with the best plans for repair.

Metro Transit has added additional bus routes to help reduce some of the stress this is causing.

Replacement bus service is available at all three stations affected along the Hiawatha light rail line.

The buses will continue until further notice, but commuters are advised to continue expecting delays.

A release from the city of Minneapolis states, "City and County bridge and engineering staff, in collaboration with Mn/DOT and Metro Transit, will determine when the bridge is stabilized enough to reopen Hiawatha Avenue to traffic and the Hiawatha Light Rail line. The Sabo Bridge itself will remain closed until repair work is completed."

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