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Hennepin County: Gun Permits Up 54 Percent In 2012

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Applications for gun permits were up 54 percent from last year over the first four months of 2012, according to a report released Monday by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

Officials said the sheriff's office has received 1,875 applications for permits to carry a gun over the first four months of the year. Over the same time last year, there were 1,220 applications that were received, an increase of 54 percent.

Last year was the second-busiest for new gun permit applications since the permit law took effect in 2003. Officials said renewal applications account for about 20 percent of total applications, and renewals are required every five years.

There were 3,3337 total applications filed last year for gun permits with 2,753 being new. Of the total applications, 3,050 permits were issued.

Of the 1,875 applications filed so far this year, 1,621 were new and 1,702 total permits have been issued.

Since the law began in 2003 through April 30 of this year, the Sheriff's office has issued approximately 21,908 permits.  Of these approximately 3,301 are renewals. The Sheriff's office said there are currently more than 18,600 permit holders in Hennepin County.

All Hennepin County residents who want to apply for a permit to carry a handgun must do so through the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

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