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Hennepin County Crews Out In Full Force Patching Potholes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Now that most of the snow has melted on the roads another lovely effect from Mother Nature has popped up – potholes.

"I've noticed that there are giant potholes on most of the streets," Jud Nichols, from Minneapolis, said.

Potholes are a major problem this year.

All of the snow combined with a prolonged winter and several deep freezes were the perfect recipe for not only bigger potholes, but more of them, too.

"Yeah this season is probably been worse, it's probably as bad as the last three, maybe four, seasons combined," Hennepin County foreman Brent Weldon said.

Hennepin County had crews on pothole duty earlier in the week before yet another snow storm hit.

So far "spring" weather hasn't been helpful.

"A little bit of warming and then cold nights, so water gets back into holes that we've patched and actually pops the, uh, patch mix back out," Weldon said.

Crews have had to go back to repair some of the holes several times. They're hoping drivers can be patient as they try to get the job done as quickly as possible.

"It has to be because I've literally watched two people's tires blow out in front of me and it's so dangerous," April Peterson, from Minneapolis, said.

"Don't think that we're not out here trying to correct the problems that are out here. We are out here trying to make an effort to get ahead of this," Weldon said.

Hennepin County maintains more than 2100 miles of roadways.  If you have a pothole that needs fixing in your neighborhood, you can always call the city or county you live in to report it.

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