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Hemp-derived THC in food and drink: Doctor answers the top 4 questions

THC in foods and drink: Answering your questions
THC in foods and drink: Answering your questions 02:18

MINNEAPOLIS -- There have been a lot of questions since some THC products became legal in Minnesota.

Since July 1, food and drinks can now contain 5 milligrams of hemp-derived THC. Lawmakers, consumers, and others have had questions. WCCO took the four most common questions to a doctor at Hennepin Healthcare.

Nothing But Hemp had a line out the door the day Delta-9 THC became legal in food and drinks in Minnesota.

"We've had a lot of customers come in, new faces that are really excited about having THC derived from hemp in this market," owner Steven Brown said.

Steven says customers come in with four main questions about THC in food like gummies, and drinks.

"Will this get me high? Will I fail a drug test? Will it make my anxiety go away? And will this help me with my pain?" Brown said.

We took those questions to Dr. Gavin Bart, the Addiction Medicine Division Director at Hennepin Healthcare.

Dr. Bart says people will feel the effects.

"It depends on your level of tolerance. Go slowly and wait until you know how it's going to affect you," Bart said.


He says a large amount could lead to impairment driving.

"A lot of times they ask, will I fail a drug test, and our answer is always of course yes," Brown said.

Dr. Bart expanded on that: "Be aware of any potential workplace policies. Just because it's legal for your recreational purposes your employers may or may not allow it."

As far as anxiety, Dr. Bart says, "it could actually make things worse, so I would really caution people who have certain mental health conditions against using cannabis."

Dr. Bart says it does appear to be helpful with certain types of pain. And he explained edibles in states with legalized marijuana have 10 mg doses. Minnesota allows half that, at 5 mg of hemp-derived THC.

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