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Help A Vadnais Heights Nonprofit Find Its Stolen Trailer Worth $6,000

VADNAIS HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) -- Someone is stealing from a group that already has to deal with a lot of challenges in life.

TSE is a non-profit in Vadnais Heights, and it helps find jobs for people with developmental disabilities.

And now there may be fewer jobs because of what someone stole, and it isn't the first time the group's been hit.

Brian has a chromosomal disorder, but also has a strong work ethic. He helps manage lawn care jobs through the nonprofit TSE.

"People with disabilities are good workers," TSE CEO Linn Megan said.

But getting the job done just got trickier.

"I got here today, about 8 o'clock and noticed the van was gone," Matthew Nelson said.

Someone stole a TSE trailer with several lawn mowers, a blower and stacks of equipment.

"It's $6,000 that we don't have," Megan said.

Brian said he works check to check, and that makes things difficult.

It's a bad feeling of déjà vu.

"I couldn't believe someone would do this again," Nelson said.

They're scraping together some tools in the meantime.

Deputies are trying to rake in some leads, but the first theft was never solved.

And authorities need some tips on this one -- call 651.266.7300 if you have information.

As for the crew without tools, they say they will honor their commitments and keep tending to lawns. It just might take them longer with fewer tools.

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