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Haitian Orphans Join MN Family After Almost 2-Year Delay

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- This Fourth of July will be a holiday of firsts for one Twin Cities family.

Barry and Megan Quiggle of St. Paul will celebrate the holiday with their three new sons from Haiti.

Two weeks ago, 12-year-old Jameson, 10-year-old Edson and 7-year-old Michael arrived in the United States with their new family

The couple already has four children when they started the adoption process 18 months ago. The Quiggles initially made plans to adopt the oldest brother, Jameson.

During a trip to Haiti, they learned Jameson had two younger brothers. That's when Jameson and Edson asked that the youngest brother, Michael, be adopted first.

Barry and Megan decided they couldn't split up the three boys and started the adoption process for all three.

"It's somewhat surreal because it is such a long process," Megan said.

Friends and family filled the airport to watch the family return home with the boys from Haiti. Now in their St. Paul home, nearly every day brings a first.

"It's been a good adjustment and they're really pretty willing to try anything," she said.

After living their lives eating the same meals in a Haitian orphanage, the boys are getting used to eating snacks of granola bars or fruit.

"They're used to eating the same thing every day. You know, rice and beans and then some kind of porridge for breakfast," Megan said.

Typical summer plans are seen through new eyes. The family has plans to go berry picking, bike riding and visit the Children's Museum this summer.

"It's fun to see them like react to like all the things that we do that's normal to us but like different to them," said Hannah Quiggle, the oldest daughter.

Barry Quiggle says the boys are quite fascinated by the lakes. Yet when a family of six suddenly becomes a family of nine, there are challenges.

Love won't stop siblings from their rivalries.

"Pecking order – that's a big thing," Megan said.

The Quiggles are still working on speaking the same language because English is not the boys' first language.

"It is work in progress," she said.

But small obstacles won't slow this new family after waiting so long to come together.

"We've got some good adventurers and they've been troopers," Megan said.

Megan says the timing of their adoption couldn't be better. As a school teacher, she has the summer off to help them adjust. Barry is also taking time off work.

They plan on enjoying the summer and then focus on preparing the boys for school.


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