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Guide To The Minnesota School Of Bartending

You order an Alabama Slammer, a B-52 and a Sponge Bob. The bartender doesn't think twice and concocts three delicious shots in a matter of seconds and doesn't give you the "what the hell" face when you order. That's when you know you've got a good bartender. While the state of Minnesota doesn't require bartenders to attend special classes to attain such positions, some do attend a specialized school to attain those skills.

The Minnesota School of Bartending has been educating and placing bartenders in bar settings since 1968 and prides itself on the individualized instruction offered to students. As one of the top bartending schools in the U.S., the Minnesota School of Bartending is a great opportunity for those seeking to perfect their pouring skills.

Minnesota School of Bartending
2426 University Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55114
Minneapolis: 612-333-6692
St. Paul: 651-645-1252

Here is what you need to know about the Minnesota School of Bartending:

1. Individualized, Flexible Training
While most people are stuck in college for four years, students coming through the Minnesota School of Bartending are in and out in a matter of hours! Most students enrolled finish the course within 25 to 35 hours. And, if sticking to a strict school schedule isn't something you're very good at, the Minnesota School of Bartending lets you come and go as you please. There are no set class times and everything is taught one-on-one. So, no competing with all those students.

2. Knowledgeable, Trained Staff
For 13 years, staff at the Minnesota School of Bartending has been providing adequate and up-to-date training for every student that completes the course. Logging more than 100 collective years of experience between all the instructors, students are trained by nothing short of the best.

3. Job Placement Network
As part of your graduation, the Minnesota School of Bartending incorporates your name into their lifetime nationwide job placement database. Being the No. 1 placement service for bartenders in the Midwest, this school will get you a job at just about any establishment you wish to work at.

Cocktail Drinks
(credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for LAXART)

4. Lifetime Refresher Courses
Another perk of graduation, is being able to keep yourself on top of the current drinks with the school's free refresher courses, for life! At any time, people who have completed the course can attend refresher courses to keep their skills sharp.

5. Reputable Establishment
Since 1968, the Minnesota School of Bartending has been offering their course and successfully placing each graduate in a well-paying job as a bartender. This particular school is one of the largest and most well known bartending school in the U.S. Their hands on training put them a step above other bartending schools. This school is licensed by the state of Minnesota and accepted by all establishments in the state.

--Emily Buss is a music journalist from Minneapolis and author of On the Rechord blog. On the Rechord is a music site dedicated to the local music scene in the Twin Cities. Emily writes concert and album reviews, band and artist profiles, and provides information about local shows. A college graduate with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Journalism, Emily has been professionally writing for newspapers and online outlets for six years. You can find Emily at , on Facebook at On the Rechord and on Twitter @TheEmilyB.

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