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Large Groups Rob Burnsville, Maplewood Best Buys On Black Friday

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- On Friday night, two different Best Buy stores in Minnesota were hit with large-scale thefts. It's a recent trend that spans across the country. Major cities in California were hit with the same style crime earlier this week.

"A lot of crazy theft stuff going on. Not good," said Best Buy shopper Sean Misgen, at the Maplewood location.

"I wouldn't feel good if I were here and that was happening as I'm there, seeing people run out with stuff," said Best buy shopper Betiana Romero.

At the Maplewood Best Buy approximately 10-12 people stole items before getting away. In Burnsville, it was a larger group of 20-30 who made off with a large amount of electronics.

Best Buy issued a statement saying in part: "As an industry we are working with local law enforcement and taking additional security precautions where it makes sense."

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher weighed in during his live stream last night: "We can't tolerate that kind of behavior. Just as a society, we just can't," he said.

Best Buy Smash and Grab
(credit: CBS)

Suspects were gone by the time police arrived at both scenes last night. There were no injuries reported at the Burnsville store.

"I'm not worried about me in general. If people come in and rob the store, they're going to take stuff not me. I'll just do what I need to do," said Best Buy shopper Lao Yang.

TV's, tablets and hoverboards were among the items stolen in what police are calling a "grab and run" theft.

"Especially with the car theft going on and all that sort of thing, you gotta be careful," said Misgen.

Police are investigating if these similar crimes were connected in any way.

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