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Group Leads Demonstration In Support Of Bird-Safe Glass At New Vikings Stadium

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The fight to have the new Minnesota Vikings stadium feature bird safe glass took to the streets Saturday.

The Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis led a public demonstration across from the construction site.

It saw fans, bird enthusiasts and even local government officials take part.

They argue the stadium is near a critical Mississippi River flyway for migrating birds and thousands of birds could die by hitting the clear glass.

"Now that we do know better," one demonstrator said, "why are we even considering sticking 200,000 square feet of new glass right smack in the heart of a critical migration path?"

Now, the group wants the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to use a special bird safe glass instead.

Despite more than 70,000 public signatures to make the change, the sports authority has rejected the idea of the bird safe glass.

The Vikings maintain that the clear surface is a key feature of the new stadium, and it's already been ordered.

The team has agreed to the Audubon Society's Lights Out program, which includes turning lights off, and pointing them down, during migration season.

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