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Gov. Dayton Tours Flooding In Mora

MORA, Minn. (WCCO) -- Floodwaters are receding in central Minnesota.

Last week, rain poured in the town of Mora. Around seven inches of rain fell Thursday in just three-and-a-half hours.

On Monday morning, Gov. Mark Dayton surveyed the damage, met with county and state officials, and talked about the state assisting with financial help.

"As governor, I'm responsible for the state's response, and I take that very seriously," he said.

During the morning visit, the governor got briefed on the area hit hardest, near Lake Mora. There, the rain pushed the lake beyond her limits, causing floodwaters to surge around neighboring houses.

"I'm just afraid our basement is going to get flooded," said Judy Torgerson, who lives nearby.

Meanwhile, businesses like Oslin Lumber Company were dealing with significant flooding.

The company says it lost about $10,000 in wet concrete and wet wood.

Still, as of Monday, most of the water was receding.

FEMA will be in area Thursday to survey the damage.

Emergency officials are encouraging residents to document any flood damage and report it to the county.


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